Smartphones and time management

by Jason

I am confused. Could somebody tell me the difference between a smartphone and a PDA, and what sort of time management software can I use?


Kell's reply
Hi Jason,

To answer your question around time management software on smartphones or iphones, I personally prefer the Franklin Covey PlanPlus series for time management software.

This is because Franklin Covey are the leaders in time management training and their PlanPlus series is the core of their Franklin Covey software.

But what is the difference between smartphones and PDA's?

Years ago, mobile devices fell under the category of cell phone or mobile phones. These served the purpose of sending voice signals to and from these mobile devices.

However, with the shift in technology, mobile devices now fall under the categories of smartphones, PDAs, or mobile phones.

Smartphones are a hybrid mix of mobile phones and PDAs.

PDAs are like a small computer which allows the user to combine telephone/fax, fax, internet and networking features. Traditionally, the PDA has not had telephone but this has all changed these days.

The smartphone combines the PDA with the mobile phone. With more emphasis on the mobile phone part, the user can store information, use the Internet and send data and voice-centric information.

But it can do a lot more with third-party software - which usually costs less than $20.

Smartphones come built with standard functionality which allow the user to send email, use a diary/calendar, camera and infrared/bluetooth applications.

However, third-party software can also increase the functionality of the smartphone, for example by including global positioning software, or time management software.

All the best,


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