A Printable Time Management Students To Do List

This printable time management students to do list is an essential time management template for busy students. Being an organized student is essential to good grades and greater control of your workload. With so much to do, the last thing that you want is to let a due-date slip through and your grades to suffer.Here I provide you with:

  • a template to use to capture your actions
  • why you should use it, and
  • 5 simple steps to using your template today.

Download your time management students to do list (PDF file)

Why should a student keep list?

As a student, you have many subjects, each with their own assignments, readings, and classes. This can feel overwhelming!

With a lot of things to do, rather than keeping all your 'stuff' in your head it is better to put pen to paper and list all of your to dos. By doing this you:

  • are less likely to forget tasks or important dates
  • will feel less overwhelmed
  • are better able to organize tasks based on their priority
  • estimate and allocate time for each task
  • work towards your established student goals.

Steps to using your to do list

  1. Make a new list each day. Making a new to do list is most beneficial the night before as it allows me to plan for the next day. For your to do list to be optimal it needs to align with your academic planner and your weekly planning tool.
  2. Prioritize your tasks on the to do list. What tasks help you reach your long range goals? What has the most value-added return on time investment?
  3. Then put an A, B or C priority onto the task.
  4. Make your tasks as specific as possible. The more specific you make the task the more likely you will do it. For example reading your history book could be replaced with read Chapter 3 of the history book.By making the task specific you measure when you complete the task.
  5. Make sure you tick off your tasks as you complete them. This may seem a bit silly, but ticking a completed task does wonders to your confidence and motivation. Being a successful student is about instilling daily habits of success. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a well constructed to-do list.

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