Time management study skills

How do you make time to study?

Kell's reply

Hi there,

This is a good question to ask. When I was a student I had to juggle many competing demands on my time, such as studying, a social life, and work obligations.

This made it very difficult to concentrate on the things that I had to do.

I now work as a lecturer at university and a time management consultant to big companies and also students in the student counselling center.

I will put the steps in point form, which is the same advice that I give to my students who are now confronted with the same issues.

  1. Write up all your obligations on a semester timetable.

    When are your assessments, social obligations and work commitments?

    Put them all into your semester timetable.

    Having this overview identifies the bottlenecks of activity and possible quiet times for you.

    All you need is something that gives you an overview of your semester.

  2. With this semester plan, now plan at a weekly level.

    For this you need a diary.

    Personally I like to use a Franklin Covey Planner for this, but you could also download these free weekly student planners for starters.

    Planning at the weekly level should start on a Sunday night. Write your lectures, work, and social commitments into your weekly timetable.

  3. Now the weekly timetable should funnel down into a daily plan.

    This should be a prioritized time management students to-do-list.

    I live and breathe my prioritized to-do list.

    It keeps me focused on what I have to do rather than the stress of having too much to do.

  4. When filling out the prioritized to-do list I would suggest that you set up your priorities in terms of what is important to you.

    For more ideas I recommend my students to use the time management matrix to become more proactive in their time management.

  5. When you have your plan of work, it is now important to work your plan.

    For ideas on how to remain focused when studying and how to get the most out of your study time, see these ideas on student time management.

    I hope that this helps. If you have any more questions please contact us.

    All the best


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