Why is goal setting important?

by Annie

Everywhere I hear about setting goals for success. Why is goal setting important?

My reply

Goal setting creates a bridge between today’s vision and tomorrow’s reality.

Setting smart goals that are reviewed often is one of the surest ways to achieve success.


Because writing down goals down makes the abstract become concrete, and the subconscious become conscious.

By writing down goals on goal setting forms you activate the reticular activation system (RAS).

Why is this important?

Because goals create a means to sift make sense of the increasing tide of information that we are faced with every day.

Every day we are bombarded with millions of pieces of information.

The reticular activating system (or RAS) within the brain sifts through this information to decide what is important or not.

These goal setting templates enable you to think about BIG LIFE GOALS and then break them down into smaller bite-sized chunks.

By regularly reviewing these you send a message to the brain that information relevant to achieving my personal goals is important.

For example, when my wife became pregnant she became aware of more babies and prams on the street and in the malls - yet the number of babies and prams had not changed.

What had changed was that suddenly this information had been raised into her consciousness.

This is what happens with the setting of goals, whether you set personal goals, financial goals or a career goals.

Why is goal setting important? In short, you begin to notice information that is relevant to the achievement of your goal, and hold yourself accountable to those actions.

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