by Robert Hernandez

Clean Desk

Clean Desk

I cannot stand to have a messy desk either at work or at home. As a matter of fact, when someone moves something on my desk I always move it back to where it was to begin with. One time I had a roommate who would use things on my desk and then just place it on the desk. I would get upset because he would not put it back where it belongs. I do not understand how people can work with a messy desk. My area has to be clean and simply.

Kell says
Thanks for that Robert. I also like to have a clean desk for three reasons:
1. The average white collar worker spends 6 weeks looking for stuff that they already have. So a tidy desk reduces this search time.
2. Increased focus. Clients I work with often tell me how much more focus they get with a desk that is free from distractions.
3. A clean desk avoids us using our desk as a task management system. Our desk was never designed to tell us what we have to do, how long it will take, or the priority. We have a better system, which is a time management system that is most likely linked to your email.

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