Beating procrastination - break into chunks

by MJ

I am a massive procrastinator. I used to put off my study when I was a student and now I procrastinate at work on the Internet.

It got to be such a problem, that procrastination was really causing me alot of stress at home and at work.

I have found that one technique to beat procrastination was to break the task into smaller bits. I have found this really helpful.

I like your goal setting course. Thanks MJ

Kell's reply:Thanks for that MJ. "How do you eat an elephant?"...

"One bite at a time."

When you have a large task it can often feel insurmountable, and this feeling can lead to procrastination. By breaking the job into smaller, more bite-sized parts, you are much more likely to get things done.

To add to this, research shows that if you are more specific about the bite-sized chunks, and block the time in your diary, you are much more likely to do it.


Because you have made a personal commitment to do it and scheduled a time for when you will do it.

Here are some more tips for overcoming procrastination.


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