Take an inventory of what you want to do

by Kerry

I find it helpful to take a walk around the house, from room to room and take an inventory of what I want to de-clutter.

I open drawers, bags, and look inside closets.

I find that this really helps me to understand the task that is in front of me.

Sometimes it can be really overwhelming, but when this happens all I do is write things down and then break each task down as much as possible.

I also find that setting time aside to de-clutter or organize is really useful - then it is less easier for me to put the cleaning off.

Kell's reply: Thanks so much for your clutter clearing tip Kerry.

I like the idea of sizing up the clutter before you tackle it. Sizing up the clutter and protecting the time to get rid of it means that you strengthen the committment to be clutter free.

All the best,

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