time management in the workplace

by chanti

What are some tips for time management in the workplace?

Kell's reply: Hi Chanti, There are a number of tips for time management in the workplace which increase productivity and keep you focused on your top priorities.

Some of these tips include:

  1. Having a clear idea of the role of your job and how your performance is being measured.

  2. Knowing what your urgent and important activities and having a priorities system that you apply to incoming information. This is covered in more detail in the time management matrix and the pareto principle

  3. Being able to manage interruptions and distractions. This also incudes using your email software in an effective manner. Managing email is becoming an enormous issue which I talk more about at email etiquette

  4. Being organized. This includes your desk, your filing system and folders on your desktop or harddrive. See these organizing tips

  5. Getting clarification on the next logical action of your projects and tasks.

  6. Know how to delegate effectively as a training opportunity. This is covered in more detail at how to delegate

  7. Take steps to overcoming procrastination.

All these factors will improve your time management in the workplace and at home.


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