Whats an example of Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals?

Short term goals vs. long term goals.

I am not really sure but can anybody give me some examples of short term goals and long term goals.

I am getting a bit confused about the difference.


Josi's response

Hi Ching,

The way that I see it is that short term goals are for the next week or month and long term goals anywhere from 6 months to a few years/lifetime.

At the moment I am trying to lose weight. My short term goal is to go running 3 times a week, and to eat a healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner six times each week.

So the way that I see it, these are weekly goals. They are my short term goals.

However, my overall long term goal (life goal) is to lose weight and to get healthy. I have a long term goal to lose 18kg and to run 5 miles without stopping.


Kim's response

Short term goals are what you need to do to accomplish your long term goals.

For example, to go to a university and get a degree is a long term goal.

To make a study chart and have a goal to study every day for at least 2 hours is a short term goal.

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