Calendar scheduling software to save time and bring people together

The right calendar scheduling software eliminates the pain of scheduling by finding a time that is convenient for everyone. If you are looking for a smart assistant that saves time and brings people together then using software is a no-brainer.

Do you play email ping pong with your colleagues to find the right time for a meeting?

Do you spend time on the phone trying to organize a meeting?

Or do you send a meeting request with only one option?

If you answer Yes to any of these then you probably know that finding the right time can be a waste of time for you.

Wouldn't it be better to send a poll with several options and then let everyone indicate their availability online. 

Then with a quick look you can find out which time works best.

Doodle Calendar Scheduling Software

Now I trialed Doodle for this with my university colleagues. I was looking for something that

  • was easy on the wallet (its basic version is free),
  • simple to use, and
  • syncronised across different calendars such as Google, Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Ical.

Previously, when I organized a conference call or a meeting there was a barrage of emails back-and-forth about people's availability.

Trying to find the time when everyone was available was a waste of time!

I found that Doodle made scheduling a breeze that involved 3 simple steps:

appointment scheduling software

Step 1: I propose a poll of the options. In this case I proposed a half hour meeting across options from 11 to 1pm.

Step 2. I invited colleagues that I wanted at the meeting to mark which times suit for the meeting. (like in the picture below). 

Calendar Scheduling Software

Source: Doodle

Step 3. Confirm your date and time. The poll makes it clear that the four colleagues preferred 11.30 for the meeting. So this was chosen and confirmed

Source: Doodle

Two emails and I was done.

I also liked the way that I could simplify scheduling further by publishing my availability in a 'meetme' profile - which allowed others to ask me for an appointment in one easy step.

But don't just use this at work!

With 3 little boys under five I have plenty of social catch-ups with other parents and I have found Doodle to be very efficient to work out when we can all get together for dinner or a play-date.

In short, Doodle makes scheduling a breeze and takes the pain out of scheduling.

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