What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

What type of procrastinator are you? Maybe you tell yourself that you work better under the pressure of a deadline....or that you need to wait until you feel right in order to get started on that task....or I don't need to do the task now...I will just err...you know fit it in later today sometime! Except that sometime never comes!

If you are telling yourself these things then you have the hallmarks of a typical procrastinator. So what is stopping you from starting?

Here are 5 types of procrastinators

1. The Chicken

Struggling with indecision is like being stuck in the mud. It’s just no fun. Famous psychologist and philosopher William James said, “There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.”

Do you struggle to choose from the vast array of choices? Is buying a shirt, a pair of trousers, or even which book to loan from the library, leave you in a position of being unable to decide.

Rather than decide it is easier to put off...sound familiar?

2. The Daredevil

If you’re a daredevil, then you procrastinate because you actually get a rush from completing things last minute. You feel that you thrive under pressure and you love the adrenaline you get from handing in work in the last possible minute. 

In the mind of the procrastinator, this experience of adrenaline as you race against the clock, then making the deadline, only serves to reinforce the procrastinator tendency to leave things to the last minute.

You may think that you show grace under pressure of leaving things to the last minute, but the end result is often rushed and full of errors, and everyone around you is suffering because of your crises. 

3. The Ostrich

Have to write that tedious report? Avoid. 

Have to take a look at your savings so as to do retirement planning? Avoid. 

Avoidance procrastinators do whatever they can to not do unpleasant things. Looking forward to the task is a little like looking forward to back wax.

If this resonates with you then you are usually concerned with what others think of them and run away from fear of failure, fear of success, or a comparison with others. 

You would rather that people see them as lacking effort rather than ability especially when they 

  • feel they don’t think they can do it well or 
  • when they feel they have no control over the situation.

For avoiders it is about giving them the tools to take back control of their time and their life. It is about acknowledging that they have the skills to change.

4. The Perfectionist

On the one hand, perfectionism can drive you to achieve exceptional things, even in the face of obstacles. On the other hand, it can be a huge productivity killer.

The perfectionist can suffer from analysis paralysis  - concerning themselves with how others will view them or how they will view themselves after taking an action.

Feeding into this is a concern that there is always more information to be evaluated before action can take place and perfection can be attained.

Therefore taking any action increases vulnerability because I can never know it all and somebody might catch me and I might fail and look like a fake or a phony. The underpinning position of this is that I can never be perfect enough. 

5. The Pleasure seeker

If you are a pleasure seeker then you carry the belief that life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. Let’s face it, which one of us can’t connect with this at least at some level. 

Some common procrastination pick-up lines might be “I am not in the right mood for work” or some variation of this. 

This paradigm may in many ways have stood us in good stead however, thanks to our predilection for fun and enjoyment we can sometimes find ourselves working very late, apologizing for incomplete work, or leaving other people to pick up our responsibilities. 

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