Read Steven Coveys - Seven Habits of Successful People

by Pk_New
(North East England)

I recently listened to the audiobook of Steven Covey's - 'Seven Habits of Successful People' after hearing several of my mentors raving about it. I highly recommend it! It talks a lot about how to prioritize your time effectively in terms of urgent and important.

And if you want to use a great piece of software to help track your time, and motivate you, I would recommend 1DsyLater - .It also helps you track your expenses and mileage which is cool.

Kell's reply: Thanks for your comments Pk_New. I am also a big fan of Stephen Covey's work.

I particularly like the idea of prioritizing your time in terms of urgent and important. In fact I talk more about this four quadrant approach at the time management matrix

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