Tip for learning how to Say No

by Kell

Having a schedule of how you plan to spend your time helps you to say 'No'

If you don't know how you plan to spend your time then the problem is that somebody will come along and plan your time for you - with their priorities in mind rather than yours.

Having a time management schedule or weekly plan of what you are going to do is important for a number of reasons which I outline in effective time management.

If you have a weekly plan of what you are going to do and are clear on your priorities (see the pareto principle) then it is much easier for you to mention to the requester that you are fully engaged.

If the requester takes it higher, your schedule that you have planned out can be discussed with your manager in which the discussion is around what do you want me to drop so that I can do what this person is requesting.

Focus on what's important and if something new pops up and it is not 'aligned' with your goals then ensure that you defend your schedule.

If you choose to do the task then you make the conscious decision of whether you want to stay on track or go off track.

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