5 College Time Management Tips

College time management tips ensure that cramming the night before is a thing of the past. Why put your grades and hard work at risk with poor time management?

Here I provide 5 student time management tips to get things done. These include:

1. Divide and conquer

This is for tasks that seem insurmountable. Those assignments or projects may seem so big that you don’t know where to start.

A good place is to start by breaking the assignment into smaller tasks.

These smaller tasks can be collecting your readings, reading 2 articles a day and making notes, or drafting an introduction.

Make your tasks into bite-sized pieces and put them into a logical sequence in your student planner to complete the large task.

Hot tip: To ensure you break tasks up as much as possible try to ensure that you are as specific as possible in your time management students list.

2. Use a Pros and Cons List

Draw up a pros and cons list of doing the task.

Often a task that you continually put of has high emotional content for you.

By drawing up a pros and cons list you look at this unpleasant task that you have been avoiding in a more objective way.

Increase Focus with Free Time Tracking Software. If keeping manual tabs on your time sound tedious then free time tracking software may be for you. Download this free software and it runs in the background. This software tracks your time, voluntarily blocks sites, and gives you short-term focus goals.

3. Jump In

Take action - even if you spend 5 minutes on the task each day you notice that you are making a change.

Buy an egg timer and try the Pomodoro technique (see technique #3) for this activity.

4. Increase Your Awareness

Often, becoming aware that you are procrastinating can help you to get things done.

By keeping a time management and students activity log of your time you identify your time-wasters and put in time management strategies to beat procrastination.

Alternatively take this time management survey and improve your time management.

5. Develop good study techniques for college time management

Cramming for long sessions each day without regular breaks means that you are likely to get fatigued and perform less that optimally.

And it is not something to look forward to....which means more risk of putting it off.

To make things more enjoyable at the desk:

  • Use variety. Try to study three different things each day. By changing tasks you renew your energy – if you spend too long on one task you concentration flags. I talk more about this in these proven study techniques that maximize study performance.
  • Work intensively for short periods of time. Have 10 minutes off every hour of study. In that 10 minutes run around and get your body re-invigorated. This keeps your attention high.

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